Friday, March 7, 2008

An Inconvenient Diaper

Hi everyone,

I was rather groggy from jet lag my first week home and just couldn't get to sleep (for some reason mummy and daddy didn't seem to be getting much sleep either). Well, this week I'm sleeping much better. It helps to have our basset hound Missy snoozing in my room too, she keeps me company (although mum and dad complain that all they can hear on the baby monitor is Missy snoring).

Mum and dad were off work my first week home, and we did lots of fun things. We went to the beach with Missy, and I had fun climbing on the driftwood and exploring the tide pools. The beach is my favorite place! Mummy and Daddy's friends Don and Carri had a baby shower for us. I got lots of presents and I played with Don and Carri's kids Lauren, Kaysen, and Devlin -they're 5 1/2 years old (so they're much much much older than me, it was really cool playing with them). They're triplets! I wish I was a triplet. Devlin gave me his fire helmet so I look like a real firefighter when I'm driving my new fire engine (see pic). The triplets have a girl rabbit and soon they will have a boy rabbit ... they promised me one of the babies (but mum and dad said we have too many animals and besides Missy might eat it).

Mummy and daddy went back to work on Wednesday. Daddy works during the day and mummy works in the evening, so there is always one of them around to play with me. I went to mummy's work at KIRO TV yesterday. Wow! It was fun. I got to sit at the anchor desk and be on camera. They have a brand new set at mummy's work, (gosh, I wish I'd brought my crayons with me, I could have made it look even nicer!). Then I went in the control room and there were lots of bright buttons everywhere and I just had the urge to push all of them all at once and see what happened (for some reason, mummy thought it was best to leave at that point). Soon, I will go to daddy's work and push all the buttons there too (and this time, I won't forget my crayons, the Fox Sports set could do with an update).

Last week, I went for my first pediatrician's appointment. He's a very nice doctor called Dr.Davies. I don't like the nurse though, she gave me lots of vaccines because she said I hadn't had any yets o I needed to have all of them all at once. Then I went downstairs to the laboratory and a mean lady stuck more needles in me and took lots of blood (yuck). To make matters worse, I had to give a poop sample too :-(

I am looking forward to having playdates with my 6 girlfriends (Adie, Charlotte, Rachel, Ellie, Polina, and Mary). I don't have any guys my own age to hang out with but I do have 6 girlfriends so I can't complain :-) I wonder if they know that I like to behead dolls ... better not tell them.

Hope you like the pics of me,

Love Roman

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Lois said...

Nice to see/hear from you in a fashion... I like the pic's but don't forget to send pictures - grandma's need them to show off their brood.

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