Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Jetlagged Diaper Dude

If anyone has experience dealing with a jetlaggedtoddler, please let us know :-)

We’re finally home!

We arrived back in Seattle at 11am on Sunday…24 hourslate. We ended up being stuck in Russia due to heavy winds. It was an absolute nightmare journey home (more on this in a later). Apologies to everyone who wondered what had happened to us, the high winds and snow also put the internet out of action, meaning that we couldn’t let everyone know what was going on.

Roman seems to love his new home! Despite the awful trip home, his eyes lit up as soon as he saw our house, and Missy ran out to greet us. He adores the pets (not sure if the feeling is mutual yet), and has run around exploring everywhere, especially his bedroom. He has already picked up a new English word (“Hi”), and Rich has taught him how to do a high five (essential for an American boy).

Thanks to our dear friend Mari, her partner JoAnn, and handyman Darin, we arrived home to a wonderfully clean and tidy house (it had been in total disarray when we left due to all the last minute packing and planning). Darin had put our child gates up, and the house was quite child proof (but only about 25% Roman-proof, sot hat’s what we are going to be doing soon, ROMAN-PROOFING). Although Roman is very excited to be in his new home,h e is a little overwhelmed by the whole transition. Last night, he was too scared to sleep alone in his crib, even though Helen was sleeping on the sofa bed next to him. However, as soon as Helen put him in bed with her, he fell sound asleep. We worried about him falling out of the sofa bed, so Helen stayed awake all night to make sure he was safe. Harry (the fat orange cat) and Missy (the Basset Hound) also joined Helen and Roman in the bed. Like Roman, they got a goodnight’s sleep, and poor Helen laid awake listening to them all snore.

Harry and Missy particularly missed their mum so they our currently following her around everywhere. They do not seem to be jealous of Roman, in fact, the three of them are getting along rather well! Rich’s cats Brother Tom and Aretha spent the night stretched out next to their dad, and Sally slepti n the basement as far away from Roman as she could get.

We spent today just trying to get over the jet lag and taking it easy. The three of us took Missy for a walk and we met another toddler and mom who were outwalking their greyhound. We then went to a coffee shop and Roman had fun playing in the kids' area. After that, we stopped by the Next to Nature pet store and Roman met Moses, an absolutely huge cat. After a short nap, we visited our friends Mari and JoAnn who live across the street. JoAnn gave Roman an official NFL football, and he loves it! Rich wants him to be the Packers quarterback in Superbowl LXV. Helen wants himto be the England striker, so she is rushing out to buy him a soccer ball.

He is asleep right now in his new crib and Missy is being his guard dog (actually she's snoring rather loudly).

Looking forward to seeing you all soon, it's great to be back home!

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