Monday, June 30, 2008

Privet Will Roman Garber!


It's me Roman.

I snuck onto the computer while mama wasn't looking to say privet (that's Russian for "hi") to my friend and fellow Russian Rascal, Will. Tomorrow (July 1st) is his  "Gotcha Day", the day when he gets his new mommy, daddy, and big sister Addie. As I'm writing this he will probably already be back at the Vlad Inn causing trouble.

Will and I were in the same group at Artem Baby Home and slept in the same room. We got up to lots of mischief together.  

Here's a picture of Will and Addie outside Artem baby home (can you tell they have just met?). Addie is giving Will the same look girls give me when I have pulled the heads off their dolls or eaten a strawberry off the floor ... it's usually followed by them saying "Oh Woeman"

Will's mom and dad Jason and Jody are adopting both Addie and Will on this trip (wow! my mom and dad had enough trouble with one Russian Rascal). The ten day waiting period was waived for Addie, so they were allowed to take her back to the Vlad Inn after their court date. 

Please keep the Garber family in your thoughts and prayers, we hope they have a safe journey home, and one day we'll have an Artem Baby Home reunion!


Terry said...

Great to hear about your adventures. Wanted to let you know about the Washington State FRUA group (Families for Russian and Ukranian Adoption). We get together about monthly in the greater Seattle area. Next happening is our Annual Picnic at Coulon Beach in Renton on Sat, Sept. 13 11:30 - 3:30. Come meet other families who have adopted from Russia, E. Europe and ex-Soviet republics. Would love to meet you. Info

Bekke White said...

It is so great to see all the pictures of the family with Roman, thanks for sharing grandma/pa Tilsons and Kathy and Bill.
Take care of all. Love you Bekke

Carl said...


Good to meet you and Roman in the park yesterday. Drop Conor and me a line if you want to meet up for a play date some time.

Carl (carl.hensman at