Friday, December 28, 2007

Back to Russia!

Drasvoyte Everyone!

We have some exciting news! Earlier today, we received the phone call we have been waiting for ... we will be returning to Vladivostok on January 27th to pick up our little boy Roman!

It's been six weeks since we returned from Russia, and it has been an anxious time for us. We didn't know how long it would be before we would get to see Roman again. Today's phone call was a complete surprise, as we had been told not to expect to hear anything until after January 8th (due to the Russian Christmas holdiays). Our court date in Vladivostok is February 1st. We then have a 10 day waiting period, during which we will be able to visit Roman at the baby home every day. If all goes well, the adoption will be finailzed on February12th. We will then have full custody of Roman, and the three of us will hunker down at the hotel in Vladivostok while we wait for the adoption agency to take care of Roman's US immigration paperwork in Moscow. We should then be able to return to Seattle on February 20th.

As you can imagine, since we got back, we've been rushing around trying to make the house kid-friendly. We are moving our bedroom downstairs so that we will be on the same level with Roman. His room will be our old family room just down the hall from us. Our room will be Helen's old den (otherwise known as "the Wine Bar" for those who have attended our Christmas parties). We are in the middle of painting Roman's room with some Disney themed paint called Bibbidi Bobbodi Blue. The molding and windows will be white. Rich has beenc ussing because that room has a ton of trim and more windows than usual. But, Rich is very happy that the TV has moved into the living room (which Helen swore she would never allow). The upstairs will change into a family room/spare bedroom.

The cats are not enjoying all the changes... they hatec hange. They have demanded that we feed them more since we have interrupted their schedules. We're not sure how they are going to react when we bring our little tail-pulling terror home with us! Our other furry child, Missy the Basset Hound, is ecstatic because her short legs don't have to climb the stairs as much. She likes us being mostly on the ground floor. She is, however, concerned that Roman may enjoy pulling her long ears!

Due to the December rains in Seattle, the basement is getting a bit of an unplanned makeover too because it flooded. Sadly, Rich's "Man Room" (featured on national television) was hit the hardest. We just never expected a flood since we live on a hill.

Helen has read just about every adoption book she could get her hands on. Rich has been reading about the Green Bay Packers. Go Figure!!! Rich will eventually read a couple of the books... someday...maybe....Anyway, we are getting ready for the arrival of our son. We couldn't resist sending a couple more pics of Roman. In one of them, you will notice that he already knows how to handle cats! We are so appreciative of all your thoughts and prayers.

Thank You for being so supportive.

The Greens

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